Dieffenbachia Snow

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This plant yells tropical vibes!

It also makes a great beginner plant as it is relatively low maintenance and is an amazing air purifier .
• Sunlight: It should not be in direct sunlight, indirect sunlight is ideal, such as filtered sunlight through a sheer curtain. The best location is where it receives bright, indirect light without direct sun exposure for most of the day.
• Watering: This plant should be watered when the top half of the soil feels dry to the touch, typically around once a week. The frequency may vary based on the season, your surroundings, and the amount of light it receives. To be safe, it's better to underwater or check the soil before watering again.
• Humidity: This plant thrives and benefits from occasional misting.
• Pets: This plant is moderately toxic, so it's best to prevent pets from ingesting it. The severity of reaction depends on the amount consumed. If your pet doesn't usually eat plants, it should be safe for your home.