Calathea Lancifolia

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Calathea Lancifolia, exhibits unique leaf movements as part of its circadian rhythm, showcasing a purple underlay at night. Care requirements are specific, but its striking textures and markings make it a worthwhile plant to nurture.
• Sunlight: This plant enjoys all the bright light it can get without it being direct sunlight unless it's early morning or late afternoon sunlight.
• Watering: This plant likes its soil to be slightly moist but never too wet. Making sure the plant has good drainage is very important.
*This is the only plant that does not come potted directly into the decorative pot. It will come still inside the grow pot then placed inside the decorative pot with drainage rock at the bottom in order to ensure the plant thrives properly.
• Humidity: This plant thrives and benefits from occasional misting.
• Pets: This plant is non toxic to pets.